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Limited Edition Witch Taint "Mystitaint" Design!

Behold this extremely extreme, kvlt, brand new, and extremely limited edition Witch Taint T-shirt. If you are trvly schooled in the matters of Witch Taint, you will know that this particularly design takes its dark inspiration from Witch Taint's sworn enemies/future roadies who shall not be named. Okay, we'll tell you anyway- we're talking about Mysticum. Anyway, regardless of whether you understand what we're talking about, please rest assured you probably can't handle this shirt. Still, you should buy it anyway or else because it is extremely kvlt, brutal, and great for everything!!! The shirt itself is made of the blackest and grimmest 100% cotton known to man or beast. When it arrived at the T-shirt factory, most of the employees passed out just from looking at it. The design on the shirt is printed in demonic silver that was crafted by an irritable wizard by torchlight somewhere outside of Akron, Ohio after midnight. You have been warned!!!!

Printed on 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts. Mens/unisex sizing.